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COVID-19 Guidelines and FAQ

The Bethel Church League will abide by the Bethel Park Municipality Guidelines for the 2020-2021 Spring/Summer seasons. Please click the link and review these guidelines in full. 

Highlights and FAQ
Will my child be required to wear a mask or protective face covering? 
The league requires masks for all players and coaches when in close contact and not actively on the field of play. This amounts to having players and coaches wear masks in the dugout and removing them in the field of play. Gaiters are acceptable.  

Are we permitted to share bats, gloves, and/or helmets? 
NO. In accordance with the guidelines, the Bethel Church League will not provide shared bats and helmets, as we typically do during a normal season. Players are advised to bring their own equipment and to not share with other players. If you do not have access to a bat or helmet, please let your coach know. The league has a limited amount that may be able to be loaned for the season. 

What about catcher's equipment? 
Younger divisions (Pinto, Shetland, and Tee Ball) will not dress a catcher this season. They will, however, be provided with extra "pitcher's helper" masks and chest protectors. Masks and chest protectors will be used by one player each game. So, the amount of players who can play the pitcher's helper position would be equal to the amount of available sets. All equipment will be sanitized after each game. The same applies to catcher's equipment in the older divisions (Mustang, Bronco, and Pony). Each team will be provided with 2 sets of equipment, so that only 2 players may play the catcher position in a single game. This equipment will also be sanitized after each game. In addition, players who own their own catcher's equipment and/or pitcher's helper equipment are encouraged to bring it and let their coach know so that an additional player may be rotated into the position.

What about baseballs?
The league will provide each team with extra game balls this season. Each defensive team will use their own balls and they will be rotated and sanitized. Coaches will be asked to limit the amount of baseballs that are touched in practice. 

Can my child bring food or snacks to a game?
While this is not explicitly outlined in the municipality guidelines, the league is prohibiting all food and snacks from player areas. This includes sunflower seeds, candy, post-game snack, etc. The league believes that we should discourage players putting their hands near their face and/or spitting while sharing the field with others. 

Will concessions be available?
YES! We anticipate being able to serve pre-packaged concessions this season once approved.

What measures will be taken to encourage social distancing?
The goal is for players to be spaced 6 feet apart when not on the field of play, with some being in the dugout and some outside of the dugout. Parents will be asked to provide stadium  Players will be seated on bleachers where applicable and are encouraged to bring their own portable chair, especially those who play on fields with limited bleacher availability. Also, per the municipality recommendations, spectators will be limited to 2 per player. No spectators are permitted on the bleachers or in the player areas. Spectators should bring their own portable chairs and remain at least 6 feet apart from other families. Coaches will notify families what time to arrive at the field for games and practices to avoid overlap with others. Players and families should also leave the field area immediately following each event and not congregate in order to provide space to the families coming in for other events. 

What sanitization procedures will be in place?
Each team will have access to a spray bottle of sanitizing solution that will be provided by the municipality. Coaches and/or parent volunteers will be asked to spray down commonly used areas before and after each game. This includes dugouts, bleachers, fence/door handles, and restrooms where applicable. Players are encouraged to bring their own individual bottle of hand sanitizer to each game/practice. 

How will these measures be enforced?
Coaches and parent volunteers will be asked to do their best to attempt to enforce these measures. 

Thank You!!!
The Bethel Church League thanks each and every family in our organization for their patience during these trying times and as we attempt to navigate the difficult waters of protecting our families while encouraging healthy play and teammate interaction and continuing to teach this game that we love. We have never been so excited to start a season. See you on the field!


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